For more than twenty years, our products have reached different markets such as:

In 2003 a family of entrepreneurs motivated by their passion for the ocean embarked in a life-long adventure. They travelled and explored the most remote and pristine coastline of the Pacific Ocean to found Seacorp, a scallop farming company. After years of continuous research and many hours diving to understand the behaviour of scallops in their natural habitat, they tailored a unique farming method combining inland hatchery production, long-line japanese technology and bottom culture. Since that moment, the love and respect for the ocean has been ever-present in the company’s culture and commitment. Today, Seacorp delivers frozen scallops to the most demanding markets in Europe, North America & Asia and is heavily investing in marine fish farming projects.

Our company has known how to face ​​ the marine aquaculture’s challenge in the Peruvian Ocean, thanks to the strong work of our collaborators and the trust of our customers. That commitment makes us feel proud of our history and work that have allowed us to be the scallop production leader since 2019.