In 2003, a family of entrepreneurs motivated by their passion for the sea embarked on an adventure by creating a scallops’ farm company in the most remote and purest waters of the Pacific Ocean, specifically in the Piura Region.

This work took many years of permanent research and long hours of the species’ diving to understand the organisms’ behavior in the aquaculture. In fact, it was possible to customize the aquaculture by using Japanese technology known as “long-lines” as well as “underwater corrals”.

We provide you with frozen scallops obtained from our farms located in the purest waters of the Peruvian Pacific Ocean, achieving 100% traceability of our product, coming from a sustainable source, which has also allowed us to reach demanding markets such as the European Union, United States, North America and Asia.

This passion for our sea and its scallops laid the foundations for the farming areas’ development. The love for the sea is reflected in our organizational culture and represent our main commitment to the sea sustainability and preservation.

Our company has known how to face ​​ the marine aquaculture’s challenge in the Peruvian Ocean, thanks to the strong work of our collaborators and the trust of our customers. That commitment makes us feel proud of our history and work that have allowed us to be the scallop production leader since 2019.

To become the North for the marine aquaculture industry in Peru, focusing in acting as a positive element inside a balanced ocean, permanently innovating on inclusive processes to satisfy our customers and bring prosperity to our families of collaborators and the community.
To provide the world with healthy seafood raised with passion in harmony with the environment, promoting the development of a sustainable and innovative native species’ aquaculture, by means of an agile, proactive and effective organization, promoting the prosperity of our family of collaborators, the coastal communities and Peru.
We have Dating Certificate
By the beach, at Seacorp´s farm in Sechura Bay, we have found this gift of nature, a piece of scallop´s shell attached to a rocky surface aged over 56,000 years according to the dating certificate issued in 2022.
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All our products are packed under strict guidelines and comply with all HACCP regulations. 
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